Curacare Staff Team

With all team members and employees as well as our network we pay attention to highest quality and competence.
Multiprofessional selection and continuous education I consider extremely important.

E-Mail schreibenErdal Yilmaz 

Management and main shareholder

E-Mail schreibenRolf Martin

Management, Consulting, Data Protection Officer

E-Mail schreibenMustafa Ertürk

Head of Department, Specialist in Intensive Care and Anesthesia

E-Mail schreibenMichaela Gajewski

Nursing director, certified specialist for intensive care ventilation, hygiene officer, wound specialist, practice instructor

E-Mail schreibenPetra Henne

Deputy Nursing Director, certified Specialist for Intensive Care Ventilation, Case Manager, Practitioner, Quality Officer

E-Mail schreibenLisa Kathrin Schmitz

Nursing home, LG 1 and LG 2, specialist

E-Mail schreibenHeike Henseleit

Nursing with LG 1 and LG 2 training, fire safety officer, social therapist, Psyche- u. nutritionist

E-Mail schreibenMarkus Woelk

E-Mail schreibenPatrizia Dresel

E-Mail schreibenHeike Zech