Here are the answers to the questions frequently asked by patients and their families

The statutory health insurance company assumes the costs of people in need of intensive care because it is the so-called home care. Likewise, the care funds and any other service providers also bear the costs of normal care, depending on the degree of care.

In intensive care care, the degree of care is of secondary importance. The health insurance usually covers the costs in large part.

Of course, we also provide our patients privately at home. Our goal is to bring seriously ill and respiratory patients back to their usual environment and to enable a life in the family environment. Therefore, we offer our patients intensive care in assisted living communities. Your wish is crucial here, whether at home or in the shared flat.

A tracheostoma is a surgically created opening of the trachea to the outside and serves to ensure ventilation in patients in upper respiratory disorders. The tracheostoma is mainly used in long-term ventilated patients. Depending on the extent of the disorder, the patient receives temporarily or permanently a tracheal cannula, which directs the air directly into the trachea.