About Curacor GmbH

New, innovative and yet human

New, innovative and yet human. With these three words, we can best describe our Intensive Care Concept at Curacor. New, because we always incorporate the latest research findings into our care and nursing work. Innovative, because our employees are not only excellently trained, but also continuously and regularly educate themselves for our customers. And human because we, as our customers, always place you at the center of our attention. We offer a care concept that allows you to enjoy your life as undisturbed and self-determined as possible. Our goal is that you remain in your familiar environment as long as possible despite health restrictions as long as possible and enjoy the time together in your environment and with your friends. Because such a wish is understandable not only in you, but in almost all people who are struggling with the first health restrictions. After all, elements such as one's own home and one's own circle of friends are important factors for the quality of life and well-being. The headquarters of our company is in Moers.

Our Philosophy

We specialize in patients with non-hospital ventilation needs. Here, in addition to the professionally qualified support, a high degree of individual attention towards the people is required.

This is exactly our claim and flows into our daily work.

This gives the relatives a great relief. Finally, many hours spent relaxed with your loved ones.

It enables a maximum of self-determination and quality of life. Together with you we design our intensive care.

We can offer you exactly this specific type of intensive care in our self-determined shared apartments 24 hours a day or at your home.

We the Curacor thus enable you a high quality of life and maintain the people entrusted to us 24 hours a day at a very high individual level. This is our most important concern.

Especially in intensive care, it is important to coordinate all areas of care in order to guarantee a high standard of care quality. In times of health restrictions, a familiar environment is of great importance for the well-being, physical as well as psychological recovery of a person. For this reason, we provide our patients at home, whether in the new home in the form of a residential community or in the familiar home environment.

The focus is therefore on the optimal balance between the personality-preserving distance and the perfect intensive care proximity.

We from the Curacor have the needs-based care,support and the intensive care prescribed by seniors and people with disabilities. As a person and your wishes, needs and possibilities, you are the focus of attention. For all nursing and care measures, we and our employees trustfully stand by your side. We not only want to be there for you, but as part of your life, we want to support you in your daily and changing needs. Our highly trained and constantly trained team takes care of all elementary care activities for you. Happy also throughout 24 hours.

In order for you to feel particularly comfortable with us and with us, we align the care and care needs to your personal needs. Our intensive care in the respective ventilation residential communities offers you and all our other patients the opportunity to develop freely and always resort to our help when needed. All care measures and care measures are comprehensively discussed with you in advance and adapted to your personal experience. Together with us you can master your everyday life easier again, come back under people and enjoy a nice, relaxed and yet safe time.